Pasta Dish

Pasta Dish

Prepared by Cristina Mandru, Klasse 5




The pasta is from "Barilla" (The company)

Sauce is Freshona (company)

White pepper

Garlic powder



1.I heated my pan for 5 minutes. 

2.I put my bacon in the pan for 3 minutes with salt. I keep it only 3 minutes so when I put the sauce I do not burn the bacon.

3.I put some onions and let them for like a minute. 

4.In that time i boil some watter with the boiler and poor it in the bowl. After that I put the pastas in and wait 15-20 minutes.

5.Going back to the pan after the onions were "cooked" I put the sauce with salt,white peper and garlig. (i had some garlig "dust")

6.I used the wooden spoon to swirl things in the pan, so you do that for like 5 minutes with breakes betwen.

7.I let the sauce cool a little bit and go back to the pastas.

8.I pour the water in the sink and put the sauce after 5 minutes.