3rd Grade

Assignment 1

Please look at the Youtube clip up until 5min 53sec. Use the phrases from the clip to describe/introduce yourself. Upload your description and I will get back to you. If you know more sentences or other things about yourself that you would like to share, please do so! Creativity brightens my day :)

Assignment 2

Have a look at the video and try to memorize as many shapes as possible:

Once you are confident enough that you know all the words, you can test yourself by using this app: 

Assignment 3

Draw all the shapes you have learned in the previous assignment and give them all different colors. We will now combine the colors with the shapes. Example: der rote Kreis, das blaue Viereck, die gelbe Kugel

As you can see in the example, all the colors now end with an e. This is because we are using them as an adjective. Write the color and shape under/over/next to each drawing. If you are not familiar with the colors yet, or would like to repeat/practice them, you can use this link:

Assignment 4

Have a look at the videos below. Write 10 sentences by using the vocabulary and sentences used in the video. These sentences can be about your real classroom/school or use your imagination and describe your dream school.

Assignment 5

Look at the video and answer the questions (Checker Fragen). Was ist unser Thema? What is our next theme? :)

Assignment 6:

It's almost time for the craziest Fest of the year: Karneval! Are you ready? Practise the songs and learn the dance to the songs :) Alaaf!


click on one of the buttons and compete with your classmates.

Viel Spaß!