2nd Grade

Assignment 1

Look at the attached YouTube link. Please describe the weather per season (Frühling/Spring-Sommer-Herbst/Fall-Winter). Start each description with: im Winter/Sommer/Herbst/Frühling ist es... You can either have your child write the sentences down or record them and upload their work. Either way you prefer, I will get back to you with feedback.

Assignment 2

Practise spelling the colours. Pay close attention to the pronunciation of the words. I’ve put the letters you will need in the box as well

Assignment 3

Have a look at the video and try to memorize as many professions as possible: 

Once you are confident enough that you know all the words, you can test yourself by using this app: 

Assignment 4

Have a look at the video below. Try to memorize as many animals as you can. After that, design your own zoo and write down what the animals are called in German.

Assignment 5

Design your own bingo card with numbers between 0 (null) and 50 (fünfzig). Your card should have 5 rows and 5 columns. In our next contact moment, we'll play BINGO!

Assignment 6

This months recipe is the traditional baked German cheesecake. I can't wait to see and hear about your baking adventure and the results :) 

Assignment 7

It's almost Karneval! Was ziehst du an? What costume are you wearing this year? Look at the video and design your own outfit. Alaaf!

Assignment 8

Practise singing and dancing to the Karneval songs. Viel Spass!

Pick a subject and play the game! Viel Spass :)