1st Grade 

Assignment 1

Look at the attached YouTube link and follow the instructions. Please have your child draw their favorite breakfast (Lieblingsfrühstück) and write the correct words to it. Take a picture of their work and upload it, if possible

Assignment 2

Practice the vocabulary that goes with the Frühstück-theme. Use the app below.

Assignment 3

Practice the names of the animals. Pay attention to the pronunciation as well!

Assignment 4

Look at the attached YouTube link. Practice the vocabulary and make your own family tree. Try to add as many people as possible. This is a big task, so don’t worry about the time you need to fulfill it. It is more important to learn the vocabulary! 

Assignment 5

Have a look at the video below. Make a drawing of your / a house and put the words you have just learned on the right spot in your house. 

Assignment 6

Practice your basic German sentences and let me know how you did. It might be challenging, but I'm convinced you can do it!

Assignment 7

It's almost Karneval and even though this year everything might be diferent, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate! Practise these costumes and then draw your own costume. Alaaf!

Assignment 8

Practise these typical German Karneval songs. Can you copy the dance as well? Viel Spass!