These are two of the Carnival songs we sing with the children during our annual carnival celebration at school.

Karneval und Kostüme

Carnival and costumes from Andrea Thionville


30 different costumes. Which one is your favorite?

Puzzle Karneval


See the instructions above the puzzle.:´schneiden(1) ,kleben (3), anmalen(4)´


Create your own mask. You need : ein Teller, eine Schere, Kleber, Dekorationen und Malstifte.

Have fun!


Create your own decorations. Use roll of TP , strings, paper, wool..... and decorate your house.


Jelly doughnuts are a characteristic pastry eaten during the carnival season. Maybe you and your family wants to try, but instead if buying you may want to bake it yourself. Enjoy: es ist so lecker!

Umzug 2020 in Alsdorf, Deutschland

This is a carnivals parade in the twin city of Brunssum. Alsdorf is located in Germany, about 25 km from here.

Clown Würfel-Puzzle

Print out the Clown sheets and cut in along the lines. Get a dice and start. You can finish your own Clown or you also can mix it with your teammate. You finish first if you have the exact numbers rolled. Do not cheat!!!!!!