Ask your parent to print out the colouring sheet, colour in and mark your favourite food.

for the older children: make sentences about places/cities you have been or about the food you can see on the paper

Most westerly point of Germany

Germany "Land's End" is far to the west on Kreisstraße 1 in the Isenbruch district of the Selfkant municipality. There a marker stone bears the inscription: "Westernmost point of the Federal Republic of Germany, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Cologne District Government, the Heinsberg District, the Selfkant Municipality"

More is really not possible in the West.

Take a "Zipfeltour" by bike or a hike there on foot, because the "Westzipfel Adventure Area" has been set up at the border. Actually the most westerly point is in the middle of the Rodebach river. An approximately 200 meter long walkway leads visitors even with a pram or a wheelchair to where the westernmost point of the Federal Republic is actually marked. A cycle path to the Dutch neighbors has also been created. This includes another attraction on the other side of the border: "Het smalste Stukje Nederland", the narrowest part of the Netherlands.

A cycle tour guided by the junction system takes you just eight kilometers from Germany via Holland to the Belgian town of Maaseik.

Cycle three countries within a very short time - where does that work? In the very west - that's the best place!

!!!! Please be aware that traveling is not recommended during the corona pandemic!!!!!!