assignments grade 3/ year 4


dear parents, this week we use to come back into the German language. The worksheets are a repetition of family members and question/answers. Have fun.


Dear parents and students,

this week we start the topic Winter. Have a look at the Winter words and activities. Maybe you can remember words from previous years.

Winter Bingo

Have a look at the words, translate them ,make a list and add some extra words like colors, weather conditions and Winter clothing. Fill in your Bingo chart . Than send me a mail with your extra words and I can prepare my Bingo and we can arrange an online meeting and start playing.........


Dear students, last week we looked into Winter words . This week have a look with the children and see, which clothing are you wearing during the Winter. You also want to have a look at the clothing first, than hit the blue button.


create your own word search by using GERMAN WINTER words. The link on the left side helps you to create your won word search. Once you finished send both pages( word search and the key) to Frau Kropp and I publish it on our website and we see how many children are using your self created word search!!!

Week :

Dear parents and students, this week create your own board game. Please use only words you are familiar with. Look at the main page under ´board games ´and get some ideas. Do not forget to provide the word list and rules. Due to the amount of work to finish and create this task there will be no other assignment this week. Have fun playing together with your family and help them to pronounce the words right.

Here is an example of a board game. Do not forget to replace ´start and finish ´also with German vocabulary.


Dear parents, under the topics class supplies and season you find the assignments for the week of ............ Please have your child look at the video and repeat the words together. You also find a worksheet to fill out and if you want, please send it to me. All paper work will be filed in the German folder/calendar.

Es war eine Mutter

Ask your parents to print out the coloring.

For older children: please memorize the poem, record it and send it to Frau Kropp or meet online and let me hear!

In der Schultasche

Fill in the missing words( or write it on a separate paper) ,find out what the definite article is and make little sentences using the words.

Send the answers and the sentences to Frau Kropp


Dear parents and student, finally Karnival is here. The last part of the 3 months of preparation, costume making, building floats.......are ending this weekend with the street carnival! But of course this year it is a bit different........A few things we are not able to do. But the craziness can be still in our homes and hearts. Here are two songs we sing at our annual carnival celebration at school. Have a look at the songs and the lyrics and try to sing along and do the moves.

Tschu Tschu Wa


Tschu Tschu Wa, lyrics

Fliegerlied, lyrics