with Mr. Armstrong

contact email: john.armstrong@afnorth-is.com

Online lessons from 3rd January

Please click on your class number below on the date and time stated to join your classmates for a Partner Language lesson.

Tuesday 4th. January

Class 1 Online Meeting 09:00

Class 3 Online Meeting 09:50

Class 5 Online Meeting 13:05

Wednesday 5th. January

Class 4 Online Meeting 11:50

Class 6 Online Meeting 13:55

Online classes for April 2021

Online classes will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until we return to school.

Classes 1 and 2 will be at 09:50 on Tuesdays, classes 3 and 4, also on Tuesdays, at 11:00

Class 5 will be at 11:50 on Wednesdays and class 6, also on Wednesdays, will be at 9:50

Classes will be held using Google Meet and you can enter the meeting by clicking the buttons below.

If you cannot see the questionnaire about Winnie the Pooh then please click HERE

Links for the activities for each class can be found at the bottom of this page. Just click on the button for your class. If you want to try out the activities of other classes too then please do.

Topic for the final weeks of the year

Topic for week 46

This weeks topic is to do with food. We will start the lessons with a discussion on food, types of food, your favourite food and so on.

This will be followed with a food wordsearch, available below.

Topic for Week 44

26th October 2020


The weeks topic will be about Halloween, look at the vocab list of 1000 words and see how many adjectives and nouns you can find that could relate to this event. ( 10 words are enough )

What will you be doing on Halloween? Will you be dressing up at all? Will you go trick or treating?

What is your favourite thing about Halloween?

New as of 06.10.2020 is a page of vocabulary, 1000 words... see how many you know.

Project for Classes 4, 5 and 6

Continuing this project I would like you to cook a meal or something of your choosing, with parental permission of course.

What I would like you to do is choose something you like, maybe your favourite meal and prepare and cook it. It is not so easy as it sounds :)

I would like you to send me a list of the ingredients, the recipe, the method ( that is... take 2 eggs and mix them with 2 cups of flour or whatever ) detailing cooking times etc.

I want you to send me photos of you preparing the food, cooking the food, and of course a photo of the final product.

Cooking a frozen pizza does not count :)

I will be doing this as well.

Once I have all the information I will put it all together and show it on this site as the PL Cookbook.

It would also be nice if you could include an estimate of the cost or cost per person it serves.

We will talk about it this week during our conference calls.

Of course you can do this together with a brother or sister ( Nina and Siri for example ) and of course your parents.

Your emails to me must be in English, as do the recipes.